Globe Valves

Curtiss-Wright Valves Division offers a wide range of globe valves in a variety of construction materials, showcasing a variety of versatility and adjustment to suit a diverse set of specifications. Globe valves are designed to stop, start, and regulate flow within a pipeline, by means of throttling and isolation. These types of valves can be used in application with marine ballast systems, as well as heating and air conditioning, water distribution and/or treatment, and much more.

Curtiss-Wright's Globe Valves come from its Phönix and Strack valve group manufacturing product brands, both of whom pride themselves in providing high quality, reliable valves and equipment. Our globe valves feature the three typical body designs: Tee, Angle, and Wye pattern, and we also supply electric, hydraulic, and more, types of valve actuators to suit every industrial requirement.

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Globe Valves: Purpose & Functionality

A globe valve can stop, start and regulate flow in a pipeline. The valve is shaped like a sphere and includes a stem that moves up and down, a disc and a seat. It works by the disc lowering or raising through the valve stem. When the disc lowers the flow pattern shuts off; if the disc increases to maximum, the flow runs at maximum too. If the disc raises to less than maximum, the flow regulates in proportion to the vertical disc position. The flow inside a globe valve changes involves the change in direction, causing greater resistance and high pressure to drop. 


  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Good shutoff capability
  • Shorter stem travel
  • Available in a variety of patterns
  • Good throttling capability
  • Can be used as a stop check valve

Applications of Globe Valves

Globe valves work in a variety of applications, dependent on the purpose and raw materials used. They are reliable performance in high temperature and pressure services, to regulate steam and condensate and even in nuclear plants.
They can also apply in these other disciplines:
  • Cooling water systems
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Boiler vents and drains
  • Turbine seals and drains

Types of Globe Valves

Globe valves come in a variety of body patterns, but the primary three types include standard, angle, and oblique. 

Standard Pattern Globe Valve

The most common of the three, it's used in throttling services such as around a control valve. By allowing the stem and disk to move at an angle towards the direction of the fluid, the design offers a higher flow resistance of all patterns.

Angle Pattern Globe Valve

An angle pattern globe valve features a 90-degree angle at the ends. This unique design means that angle pattern globe valves are useful in applications that have pulsating flow. It’s highly advantageous when mounting near a pipe bend, the angle design reduces the flow resistance and reduces the number of pipe joints and elbows. 

Oblique Pattern Globe Valve

In an oblique pattern globe valve then seat and stem measure at approximately 45 degrees. Giving a more direct path at full opening and also offering the least resistance to flow. They are a suitable alternative for a high-pressure drop application.