Curtiss-Wright Valves Division offer Strainers from their product brands Phönix and Strack, with each one high quality and designed for a variety of applications. These strainers are currently available as Y-type with Y-pattern body, Basket type with Straight pattern body, and a combination of the two pattern body styles in our general Strainer type.

Dirt and scale, as pipeline debris, is a leading cause of damage and failure to other valves and equipment. Highly engineered Strainers are an economical way to effectively filter out these elements. The basket type in particular can filter and strain a wide variety of liquids and retain solids of practically any size.

The effective design of these strainers allows them to be placed in front of more delicate valves, pumps, and other components, and remove any potentially damaging impurities before they reach these more fragile elements of machinery. Therefore, they can improve the longevity of machinery and its components, allowing for an economical solution to extending its overall lifecycle.

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