440 - Glove Valve - Refrigerant

440 - Glove Valve - Refrigerant

Globe and control valve with stuffing box seal, inside rising stem, in accordance with refrigerant valves (DIN 3158)

Supplied as Straight pattern body, Y-pattern or Angle pattern body

Applications Description

Especially for media which are not dangerous for environment and cold service media. Operation components protected against icing.

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440 - Glove Valve - Refrigerant

PN10 - 40
DN15 - 150
Class150 - 300
NPS1/2 - 6
Temperature Rating-196°C up to +450°C
Shell MaterialsLow temperature carbon steel
Carbon Steel
Stainless steel
Other special alloys
ConnectionsFlanged ends
Butt welding endss
Socket welding endss
Threaded endss
other connections as required
OperationHandwheel, Chainwheel, Gear operator, Pneumatic piston actuator, Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Electric actuator

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