Check Valves

Curtiss-Wright Valves Division offers a large range of high-quality check valves from their product brands Phönix, Valve Group-Korea, and Strack. Check valves are self-automated one-way valves, designed to allow the flow of gases and liquids in only one direction, automatically preventing any reverse or backflow.

A check valve comes in many different forms and offers various solutions for multiple applications. As a check valve is so versatile, it can be found in almost every industry that uses pumps. The collection of check valves we supply include:

  • Angle control valves
  • Swing check valves
  • Piston check valves
  • Micro control valves
  • Cryogenic service valves
  • An array of control valve variations, such as single, double, multi-stage, cage-type, and more.

As each of the check valves in our diverse range is of the highest quality, with leak-free sealing and long-standing durability, all are guaranteed to help keep your equipment running smoothly.


Check Valves: Purpose & Functionality

Check valves are two-port valves that allow liquid or gas to flow through in only one direction. Available in a variety of forms and sizes, its versatile features mean it is used throughout industries which require pumps. Most check valves work automatically with no control unless they require external control from handles or stems. Typically check valves are designed to supply a specific cracking pressure, which the valve will only operate when the minimum differential upstream pressure between inlet and outlet is achieved.

  • Low maintenance costs, due to fewer moving parts
  • Flexible to cope with variable flow conditions
  • Reduce the chance of sudden valve failure, as they eliminate chatter vibration

Different Types of Check Valves

Angle control valves

Angle control valves are often used in piping systems where space is required such as drain services, boiler feedwater and other piping services. The valve’s body features a right angle which prompts the directional change of the flow. 


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Swing check valves

A swing check valve is a check valve which features a moveable disc which swings on a hinge or trunnion to block the flow of liquid or gas. When the disc swings, it will either swing off the seat to allow forward flow or swing onto the seat to block reverse flow.


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Piston check valves

A piston check valve features a body-guided disc which moves within the valve body. The valve is designed so the flow is underneath the disc, the inlet line pressure and flow rate force the disc to lift off the seat so liquid or gas can flow through the valve. The valve’s guided body ensures that when the valve closes the seat and disc will align. To prevent the liquid or gas from returning if the flow reverses itself, the disc will immediately be forced to the closed position due to its weight.

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Micro control valve

A micro control valve is a microscale valve, often less than 10mm which features two ports to regulate flow. They are often found in the use of fluidics and microfluidics to control fluids or gases and the valve is electrically controlled. Micro control valves are often used in the inlets and outlets of micropumps, where the liquid or gas is needed to flow in one direction. 


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Cryogenic service valves

Cryogenic service valves are suitable for use in very cold applications, ranging from -40 C to -196 C and feature a long neck bonnet. They can help store and transport tons of cryogenic gasses such as Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas, when heated these gases can expand hundreds of times, becoming flammable and explosive.

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Control valves

A control valve is used to control the flow rate of fluids or gases using a controller. The controller enables the control of flow, pressure, liquid level and temperature within the flow passage.


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