Plug Valves

Curtiss-Wright Valve Division offer a range of plug valves to suit a broad a variety of applications, reliably addressing the vast majority of requirements. Suitable for use with corrosive substances and at temperatures as low as -196°C and as high as +800°C. systems as well as with corrosive & hazardous liquids and gas. 

Plug valves offer one of the most economical control options for manufacturing lines; the correct valve can deliver improved production time, and reduced risk of failure. Our range of valves are produced by Valves’ Division's specialist product manufacturers Phönix, Strack, and the Korean Valve Group.

Our range of plug valves are visible below, and you can find more information on their application, functionality as well as supporting documentation

Plug Valves: Purpose, functionality, application.

A Plug Valve is a flow control device designed to regulate the flow of a liquid or gas within a high-pressure system. As well as controlling flow via basic moderate throttling, plug valves can be used in on/off position or to divert flow or combine flow.


Plug valves are a mechanically simple valve that utilises cylindrical or conically tapered "plugs" which rotate inside the valve body to control flow through the valve. The plugs within the valve contains one or more hollow channel that cuts sideways through the plug, this allows fluid or gas to flow through the plug when the valve is open. This simple mechanism and ease of operation means that plug valves are often economical.

RElated PRoducts33xxEPV - ECCENTRIC PLUG VALVE, S51 - LIFT PLUG VALVE, S50 - LIFT PLUG VALVE, s50- lift plug valve, s57 - shut off cock - coke oven gas valve.