S50 - Lift Plug Valve

S50 - Lift Plug Valve

Lift plug valve, non-lubricated

Supplied as a Straight pattern body

Applications Description

For special services, abrasive, synthetic media and off-Shore

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S50 - Lift Plug Valve

Design Features:

  • Double mechanical barrier
  • Robust design
  • 90-degree fast operation
  • Easily maintained
  • Able to be used up to 650°C in casted version, up to 800°C in forged version
  • High seat torque with minimal force
  • Hard-faced seat surfaces options for extra performance
  • No lubrication

Lift Plug Valve Applications

Lift plug valves are simple and rugged, making them suitable for severe applications at high temperatures or highly abrasive or erosive materials.
  • chemical/petrochemical products (cracking applications)
  • crystallizing fluids
  • cryogenic fluids
  • abrasive fluids
  • gases with solids
  • fluid with solids
  • acids / basis / aggressive mediums

Product Specifications

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How does a plug valve seal?Arrow

A plug valve seals using the mechanism that rotates between the open and closed positions and protects both seals from the flow path.

What does a plug valve do?Arrow

If a sector relies on hydraulic systems for operation, you can guarantee that plug valves are an essential component in use. Plug valves are quarter-turn manual motion valves that stop or start fluid flow. 

What is a lift plug valve?Arrow

Lift plug valves are designed to operate in severe applications that include high temperatures, fluids, and solids in suspension.

When would you use a plug valve?Arrow

Plug valves are commonly used in low-pressure-low-temperature services as they are high-capacity valves that can be used for directional flow control, even in moderate vacuum systems. 

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