2600 Series & 2600L Series - Process Valve

2600 Series & 2600L Series - Process Valve


  • Conforms to API 526
  • Full Nozzle Design
  • Integral Cast Flanges
  • Metal Seat with optional o-ring
  • Balanced Bellows option
  • Open Bonnet and Lever Assemblies option
  • Adjustable Blowdown
  • 2600L – Multiple Service Single Trim Design option
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2600 Series & 2600L Series - Process Valve


  • ASME/NB Section VIII and III for Air, Steam and Water
  • CSA B51 (Canada CRN)
  • ISO 9001- 2008
  • PED 97/23/EC (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • ATEX 94/9/EC (European Potentially Explosive Atmospheres)
  • CSQL (China)
  • GOST-R (Russian)
  • US Coast Guard
  • Nuclear – 10 CRF 50 Appendix B, NCA-4000, NQA-1 N285.0
  • First Point Assessment Limited


Farris’s pressure relief valves are designed to automatically protect your equipment against excessive overpressure. The Series 2600 pressure relief valves are designed to function equally well on air, gases, steam, or liquid service.

The pressure relief valve design incorporates several features which allow this valve to take a maximum amount of piping strain without hampering the functional characteristics of the valve or contributing to serious leakage.


The superior strength built into the body of the Farris pressure relief valve to resist these discharge piping strains materially reduces the deflection and distortion in the valve and reduces the leakage encountered, when at times, discharge piping strains become excessive.

The valve is engineered for exceptional tightness because of positive alignment, a high strength disc design, the elimination of thermal distortion and

optimum seating surface finish.


The Farris full nozzle pressure relief valve design incorporates a nozzle shape to provide:

  1. A high stable flow coefficient.
  2. Greater strength to resist possible discharge piping strains.
  3. Wrenching provisions on raised face nozzles where they will not interfere with the flow path.

The superior design allows easy maintenance by simplifying nozzle removal and assembly.

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How do I choose a pressure relief valve?Arrow

When choosing a pressure relief valve, the factors you should consider before selecting are:

  • Service/Application
  • Connection size and type
  • Set pressure & back pressure
  • Temperature
  • Required capacity
What are the three common types of relief valves?Arrow

The three most common types of relief valves are:

  • Conventional spring-loaded
  • Balanced spring-loaded
  • Pilot operated
What is an air pressure relief valve?Arrow

An air pressure relief valve, also known as a pneumatic pressure relief valve, controls air within a compressed air system.

It is a valve that is designed to detect and prevent changes in pressure which could lead to damage and failure in a number of applications. If the desired pressure is exceeded, the valve releases the excess pressure.

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