E-Series - Ebonite Lined Butterfly Valves

E-Series - Ebonite Lined Butterfly Valves

Utilizing Ebonite for both isolation and flow control applications

Ebonite valves may be utilized for both isolation or flow control applications. Over the last 40 years, these products have proven their reliability in sea water cooling systems, offshore and onshore fire mains systems, portable water in desalination plants, and many applications where iron contamination of fluid is undesirable.

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E-Series - Ebonite Lined Butterfly Valves

Ebonite lined valves have also proven reliable on low level slurry applications and flows where fine particles may be present. For applications with a higher density of particles a shaft/bearing seal may be provided as an option.

The E-Series valve is an ideal product for applications handling seawater platform firewater systems, potable water in desalination plants, or where iron contamination of the fluids are undesirable. It is available with gear operator, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

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