The Farris Authorized Service Team - or FAST Center Network - provides the aftermarket support facilities need to keep their operations safe. 

Our FAST Centers are:


Farris Engineering and its FAST Centers understand the need to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs.

  • Global Access - FAST Centers work with and in our extensive representative network, providing support to all global regions.
  • 24/7 Valve Service and Replacement - FAST Centers offer quick, localized testing and repair of valves, or the prompt installation of new Farris ASME certified valves.
  • Mobile Repair Units - Available at select FAST Centers.


Farris Engineering recognizes the value of having pressure relief valve experts as close to the customer as possible. 

This is accomplished through comprehensive training offered at the factory or on-site. FAST Center sales personnel and technicians are able to provide valuable experience to their customers.

  • Valve Expertise - Every FAST Center is technically supported by Farris Engineering, a leader in valve design.
  • Factory Trained Technicians - FAST technicians go through mandatory training consisting of classroom lecture and hands-on practical instruction on Farris Engineering pressure relief valves, repair procedures and applicable codes and standards. The result is a team of highly skilled technicians capable of handling both routine and complex pressure relief valve requirements around the world.
  • OEM parts - FAST Centers use only OEM parts, restoring valves to OEM specifications. All valves are assembled and tested to ASME standards.


FAST Centers have committed to large investments in inventory, equipment and certifications to better support the customers in their territory.

  • Local Inventory - Every FAST Center carries a large inventory of new pressure relief valves and spare parts, backed by a web-based global inventory exchange.
  • ASME Certification - FAST Centers carry all the required certifications to assemble, set and test Farris valves.
  • VR Certification - FAST Centers have VR certification issued by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to effectively and efficiently repair all pressure relief valves where applicable.

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