Farris provides customers with total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle, transforming the way you ensure plant safety.

The Farris Aftermarket Program is designed to bring world class service and support for any pressure relief valve requirement around the globe. 

Our program includes:

Farris’ FAST Track

Quotation and supply of pressure relief valves and OEM parts on an expedited basis for both planned shutdowns and emergencies. Click here to contact your local FAST Center or Farris rep to start a FAST Track quote.

24/7/365 eS3

Emergency Service, Supply and Support. Farris will work with our internal aftermarket resources and our FAST Network to provide emergency afterhours support. Contact us at +1 (440) 502-8662.


Bring our school to your site. Farris provides comprehensive on-site technical and maintenance training for any customer. Experienced instructors offer training on pressure relief valve theory, operation, sizing and selection, and maintenance. For more information, please contact psv-trng@curtisswright.com


Our aftermarket department can assist you with any PRV claims including warranty, rework and credit. Please contact FarrisReturns@curtisswright.com for claim procedures and instructions.

Product Enquiry

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