The Valves Division provides specialized and innovative valve technologies to the Power Generation, Oil & Gas,Chemical/Petrochemical, Defense and Industrial markets worldwide, critical systems improving the reliability and safety of operations in the Industries we serve.

Enabling our customers to solve their most difficult problems and meet their core business or operational objectives. Our highly engineered valve solutions are utilized in critical systems improving the reliability and safety of operations in the Industries we serve.

We are an excellent designer and manufacturer of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves (PRV), providing over pressure protection in many of the systems found in naval vessels, power generation and chemical/petrochemical plants. For the Process Industry, our “Total Pressure Relief Management Solution” offers a significant enhancement to traditional design, maintenance and compliance tools. This proprietary engineering software ensures compliance with industry standards ensuring optimal sizing and selection of PRVs and providing feedback on every PRV discharge event supporting the entire lifecycle of our customers facilities.

For the Process Industries, the Valves Division also supplies Isolation & Control Valves, including bellows sealed valves, for use in services where external leakage cannot be tolerated, as well as high performance butterfly valves for use on offshore platforms and where corrosion-resistant products are paramount to safe operations.

In both Conventional and Nuclear Power Generation, we supply high pressure, critical service Isolation and Control Valves in a variety of designs, including process solenoid valves, gate, globe and check valves with various modes of actuation.

For the Defense Industry, we supply actuation products designed and manufactured to the latest standards for a variety of marine vessels. For more than sixty (60) years, the Valve group has been developing, qualifying, and manufacturing critical valves for the US Navy providing critical support for our national defense.”

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