Valve Refurbishment / Repair

A more than 80 year old tradition in manufacturing valves qualifies us to offer a complete service program to our customers.

STRACK Service Center at Barleben / Magdeburg provides valve repair and refurbishment services, both in-house and on-site.

A highly trained staff guarantees a more than satisfying service performance on all brands of valve manufacturers as well as on high-grade STRACK valves.

Our certificates provide the assurance to you that repair and service activities are made in accordance with the applying rules.

Certificates as valve manufacturer:

  • ISO 9001
  • HP-O
  • TA-LUFT VDI 2440 and more

Our broad range of activities for repairs and service finds its affirmation in basic agreements with valve manufacturers and final customers. 

Valve Group - Strack
Am Springbrunnen 21 , D-39179 Barleben, Germany
T: +49.39203.89.89.50
F: +49.39203.89.89.59

Applications - Services

  • HF Service
  • Urea Service
  • Steam Service
  • Sour Service
  • Oil Line Service
  • Liquid Chlorine & similar dangerous mediums Service
  • Abrasive mediums Service
  • Cracking & Cocking Units Service
  • Tank Farms
  • Off-shore
  • High Temperature Service
  • Polymer Plants Service
  • MDI Units Service
  • Slurry Oil Service
  • Catalyst Service
  • Power Plant Service
  • FCC Units
  • Oxygen Service 
Valve Refurbishment with Curtiss-Wright