ZENTROL-VS - Zen-trol® Vent Silencer

Product Brand: Valve Group - Korea

KPS'silencer is the best solution for Applications Where any gas or steam need to be released to the atmosphere, KPS' vent silencer prevents noise from generating, instead of muffer, noise at the outlet. It can be used in application involving a high pressure ratio, high temperature up to 565˚... and a low noise requirement, or where space is a problem.

Vent silencer is versatile and may be used in series with a modulation valve or in series with an on-off valves. it is used in various application, form exeample gas discharge systems. Vent silencer is simple in design and consists of a base flange ruggedly which supports a disk stack and a shroud. Vent silencer is the most compact and economical solution for the today's noise pollution.

ZENTROL-VS - Zen-trol® Vent Silencer
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