Specialty Valves & Accessories

Curtiss-Wright Valves Division offers a selection of niche speciality valves and accessories, which come from their specialist product brands Target Rock, and Valve Group-Korea. Currently, our range includes pressure regulator valves, 3-way solenoid valves, and vent silencers. While the range is compact it is also diverse, and caters to multiple aspects and areas of keeping machinery running smoothly.

Pressure regulator valves are designed to automatically regulate and reduce the pressure of gases or liquids when they reach particularly high levels. 3-way solenoid valves' purpose is to control the flow of gas or liquid, in critical terms and applications such as containment isolation. Vent silencers are incredibly versatile and have a wide range of uses as their purpose is to essentially prevent noise from generating, rather than muffle it.

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Target Rock Valve Group - Korea