Smart PRV

Product Brand: Farris

The Farris’ Smart PRV features a 2600 Series Pressure Relief Valve Equipped with a Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor. The 4320 features a magnetic array that detects changes in the PRV’s stem position. The wireless device’s sample changes in the stem position every x second. The sample reports are fed into the local wireless network, where they can be tracked in plant asset management systems.


  • A high stable flow coefficient
  • Greater strength to resist possible discharge piping strains
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Nozzle design
  • WirelessHART Protocol
  • Integrates into plants with existing Emerson Wireless Infrastructure
  • Orifice Sizes D through U
  • Retrofits available for installed 2600 Series valves

smart prv: technology & performance

Farris SmartPRV technology is a simple, powerful solution to improve your ability to monitor critical safety valves and their effects on plant performance. Overpressure events are unpredictable, can go unnoticed, and consequently can be challenging to estimate. Using the SmartPRV system ensures facilities are not able to record overpressure events.


SmartPRV provides:

  • Equipped plants with the ability to track and monitor valves in real-time
  • Provides immediate feedback during an overpressure event
  • Feedback includes the time and duration of the overpressure event
  • Allowing plants to more accurately estimate releases

PRV 2600 Series: Operation


The Smart PRV features a 2600 series bellows valve. The 2600 series features an all stainless steel stem; this construction cost-effectively eliminates dangerous sticking due to galvanic corrosion at the upper guiding point in the spring adjusting screw.


The Farris design incorporates a positive connection of parts between the valve stem and the stem retainer and between the disc and disc holder. This allows complete freedom of action for alignment purposes while retaining the positive connection of the threads. 


SmartPRV provides feedback on every PRV discharge event, including the time and duration, allowing plants to estimate releases more accurately.

PRV Applications

The Smart PRV is designed to function equally well for use in:

  • Air
  • Gas
  • Vapor
  • Steam
  • Or Liquid service


What is a Smart PRV?

In partnership with Emerson, Farris Engineering offers Farris SmartPRV technology, a 2600 Series pressure relief valve PRV equipped with a Fisher® 4320 wireless position monitor.


Wireless monitoring of PRVs provides equipped plants with the ability to track and monitor valves in real-time, providing immediate feedback during an overpressure event.


What are the benefits of wireless monitoring?

Until Smart PRV, monitoring PRVs and the amount of product being released has been a daunting task due to traditional equipment and technologies’ limitations.


Leaving plants with the inability to estimate product losses without using overly conservative assumptions. Emission fines based on unquantified releases are typically assessed based on the worst-case scenario. Plants are forced to pay the highest possible fine along with the additional administrative and documentation costs incurred during the emissions reporting process.


Smart PRV
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