Smartvalve Technology

Product Brand: Target Rock

High-performance products to support the "All Electric Ship" design.

As today's Navy moves to higher levels of automation evolving towards the "All Electric Ship" design, Curtiss Wright Flow Control's Target Rock continues to provide high-performance products to the U.S. Navy. This includes its SmartValve designs, which are ready to support these automation initiatives for use in upgraded damage control and chill water-cooling systems.

Automated Leakless Valve technology with embedded sensors will provide advanced integration designers with a high level of component health monitoring for predictive maintenance management. Also provided will be system diagnostics on a network communications capable protocol to reconfigure a system unmanned in the case of an emergency.

  • Applications
    • Non-intrusive valve position indication
    • Monitors inlet pressure
    • Monitors outlet pressure
    • Monitors fluid temperature
    • Computes flow through the valve
    • Diagnostics
    • Inrush current
    • Run current
    • Voltage
    • Cycle count
    • Diagnostics matrix
      • Combined variable analysis
    • Distributed Network Interface
    • LonWorks Protocol
    • Communication via fiber-optics or twisted pair
Smartvalve Technology
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