Critical SUBSAFE Valve Technologies

Product Brand: Target Rock

Maintaining quality assurance during each stage of design, development and implementation.

Since the inception of the SUBSAFE quality assurance program in 1963, Target Rock follows exact procedures prescribed by the U.S. Navy to maintain SUBSAFE certification during design stages, as well as with supplied materials, fabrication and testing.

This program covers all of the design and construction process of all submarine valves as well as assured integrity during routine maintenance in naval depots as well as routine ship repairs for the life of the submarine. SUBSAFE quality assurance covers all systems exposed to sea pressure or flooding. Materials and valve types are provided to meet the full range of ship system needs. High pressure testing is performed in-house to qualify all designs offered.

Target Rock continues to meet the highest quality standards for all materials and processes not covered by SUBSAFE, including its nuclear propulsion products and solutions.

  • Applications
    • Hull and backup valves
    • Ballast systems
    • Ship air systems
    • Ship service ball valves
    • Solenoid Operated Globe Valves
  • Design Features
    • Reliability
    • Extended life designs
    • Highest quality standards
  • Materials
    • Carbon steel
    • Cu Ni
    • Hastelloy
    • Inconel
    • Monel
    • NiAlBrz
    • SST
    • Stainless steel
    • Stellite
    • Titanium
Critical SUBSAFE Valve Technologies
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