Aviation Fuel Transfer Valves

Product Brand: Target Rock

JP 5 aviation jet fueling system with Leakless Valve Technology.

Hermetically sealed fuel valves are now being installed in the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet, upgrading the JP 5 aviation jet fueling system with Leakless Valve Technology.

This greatly improves operational reliability, reduces maintenance costs, and eliminates environmental problems previously experienced on these ships. The JP 5 fuel valve product represents the utilization of commercially proven technology, modified to perform in harsh shipboard environments.

General Specifications:
Program 3/8 in (DN10) through 2 in (DN50)
Applications/td> U.S. Navy's JP-5 Fuel Transfer Valves
Regulated Pressure JP 5 Aircraft Fuel
Safety Zero emissions, zero leakage
Technology SmartValve technology available
Features and benefits
Feature Benefit
Hermetically Sealed
  • Leakless valve with no stem packing, no adjustments or external switches
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero leakage
Low Maintenance Design
  • High cycle life
  • Few Moving parts
  • No torque or limit switches
Position Indication Positive position with or without power
Digital Control
  • SmartValve technology option
  • Microprocessor Diagnostics
  • Network communication
Program Tested Proven reliable on U.S. aircraft carriers and nuclear powered applications
Aviation Fuel Transfer Valves
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