309.40-309.50 - Tanker Valve

Product Brand: Phönix

Tanker valve (POV) combination of a pneumatically operated quickclosing valve with bellows and a spring-loaded ball check valve

Supplied as Angle pattern type

Applications Description

Accredited to DIN 26028, CEFIC UN 14, GGV Annex XI with ref. for railway tankers, ISO-Container (309.50) and trucks top loading for extremly dangerous media, e.g. chlorine, hydrofluoridric

PN 25
DN 40
Class 150
NPS 1 - 1/2
Temperature Rating -50°C up to +70°C
Shell Materials Low temperature carbon steel
Stainless steel
Other special alloys>
Connections Flanged ends
other connections as required
Operation Pneumatic diaphragm actuator
Approvals Prototype 06D2
BAM approved
Euro Chlor approval 96/01; 96/02; 96/03; 96/07
EG 2010/35 (TPED) Prototype testes DIN EN 14432


309.40-309.50 - Tanker Valve
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