A Resilient Seal with Bi-directional Shut-off

The valve is a bi-directional tight shut-off device incorporating a resilient seal mechanically retained around the periphery of the valve disc. The seal is available in various types of elastomers, the selection being dependant on the valve duty and working pressure and temperature. The seal seats against a metal seating surface machined into the body of the valve.

  • Quality Assurance Certified by Lloyds to ISO 9001
  • Certified Firesafe by Lloyds to DOT Rule 54 App.D for use in fire water mains offshore and marine installations
  • Tight shut-off in both directions to API 598
  • Field replacement resilient disc seal
  • ANSI 125#, 150# and 300# rating
  • Single or double offset valve geometry available
  • Low seating and unseating torques
  • Body designs: Double Flanged, Wafer Lugged and Wafer Flangeless
  • Flanges to suit any British, American or continental flange standards including ANSI, API, MSS, BS, PN and ISO
  • Actuation via manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators
  • Materials available to NACE requirements
  • External anti-blowout device to API 609 optional
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