Theory of Operations

Ebonite lined valves

The Ebonite lining used in these products protects the valve material from the line fluid, thus permitting the use of less expensive ferrous metals as opposed to the more costly options such as bronze, stainless steel, monel etc.

The superiority of the Solent & Pratt valve is that Ebonite is a hard natural rubber which is bonded to the internal surfaces of the valve and steam cured in an autoclave to ensure maximum strength and adhesion.

seating area of the lining, against which the replaceable, resilient disc seal locates is fully machined after insertion into the valve body. This ensures consistent “tight shut off” without excessive wear to the seal. The unique feature with this design of rubber lining is that the Ebonite is part of the structural rigidity of the body. The resilient seal located on the disc is the component that is compressed during valve closure. This eliminates both dragging on the liner, and creep, which is associated with lined valves where sealing is obtained by a solid disc compressing the body liner. Valve life is considerably increased with this design.

Theory of Operations
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