E-Series - Ebonite Lined Butterfly Valves

Product Brand: Solent & Pratt

Utilizing Ebonite for both isolation and flow control applications

Ebonite valves may be utilized for both isolation or flow control applications. Over the last 40 years, these products have proven their reliability in sea water cooling systems, offshore and onshore fire mains systems, portable water in desalination plants, and many applications where iron contamination of fluid is undesirable.

Ebonite lined valves have also proven reliable on low level slurry applications and flows where fine particles may be present. For applications with a higher density of particles a shaft/bearing seal may be provided as an option.

The E-Series valve is an ideal product for applications handling seawater platform firewater systems, potable water in desalination plants, or where iron contamination of the fluids are undesirable. It is available with gear operator, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.


Ebonite lined valves

The Solent & Pratt E series valves are of single or double offset geometry design, developed for high performance, control and isolation duties. They feature integral body seat and resilient seal ring (disc mounted). Similar in construction to the R - series range, they are available in a wide range of castable materials to order in sizes 3" to 84", 150# class.

The E-Series valve has an 'ebonite' lining, which is a hard natural rubber, bonded and autoclave cured to achieve maximum strength and adhesion. It has 'corner locking' overlap features round the flange and shaft bores to maintain optimum stability. The seat contact area, against which the resilient disc seal ring (Nitrile / EPDM / Buna / Viton) locates, is fully machined to ensure consistently tight shut-off, with seal rings of 'flat' or 'music note' design, dependent upon process pressures. These are replaceable parts.

In operation, there is a key difference when compared with some other rubber lined valves. The Ebonite is part of the structural rigidity of the body and the resilient seal is disc located. This is the element being compressed during sealing on closure. This eliminates both dragging on the liner, and creep, which occurs on other valve designs where the disc is solid and sealing is made by compression of the liner. The Ebonite will also provide some resistance to low level slurries / fine particles in the flow and where these are present in any density, then a further back-up shaft bearing seal is available as an option.

Theory of Operations

Ebonite lined valves

The Ebonite lining used in these products protects the valve material from the line fluid, thus permitting the use of less expensive ferrous metals as opposed to the more costly options such as bronze, stainless steel, monel etc.

The superiority of the Solent & Pratt valve is that Ebonite is a hard natural rubber which is bonded to the internal surfaces of the valve and steam cured in an autoclave to ensure maximum strength and adhesion.

seating area of the lining, against which the replaceable, resilient disc seal locates is fully machined after insertion into the valve body. This ensures consistent “tight shut off” without excessive wear to the seal. The unique feature with this design of rubber lining is that the Ebonite is part of the structural rigidity of the body. The resilient seal located on the disc is the component that is compressed during valve closure. This eliminates both dragging on the liner, and creep, which is associated with lined valves where sealing is obtained by a solid disc compressing the body liner. Valve life is considerably increased with this design.

Features and benefits
Feature Description
Body Body is Carbon steel/, Cast iron, SG Iron
Lining Ebonite hard natural rubber
Disc Bronze, Stainless steel, duplex, monel
Shafts Stainless steel, monel
Seal Nitrile disc/gland
Body Styles Double Flanged, Wafer Lugged and Wafer Flangeless
Flange Standards Flanges to suit any British, American or continental flange standards including ANSI, API, MSS, BS, PN and ISO
Closed Seal Tight shut off in both directions to API 598
Operators Actuation via manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators
Maintenance Field replaceable resilient disc seal
E-Series - Ebonite Lined Butterfly Valves
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