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The GPN47741 bidirectional, corrosion resistant rotary gear hand pump

The GPN47741 bidirectional, corrosion resistant rotary gear hand pump

The Nu-Torque Model GPN47741 corrosion-resistant hydraulic hand pump is specifically designed for the marine environment. Constructed of cast nickel aluminum bronze (NAB) housings, stainless steel gears, shafts, and hardware suited for areas where corrosion resistance is required. This same selection of materials also creates a hand pump that may be used where non-magnetic properties are needed.

The hand pump is designed to meet all of the performance and connection requirements of MIL-P-18111A for manual-operated hydraulic systems such as valve actuators and water-tight doors.

The hand pump may be used as a single-direction hydraulic power source or as a bi-directional pump, eliminating a selector valve.

The pump is constructed with metal to metal mating surfaces with O-ring seals between the pump body and the front and back castings. The shaft is sealed with a corrosion-resistant mechanical shaft seal. Inlet and outlet ports are SAE-16 (1 inch) straight thread O-ring port configuration.

Rotary Gear Pump: Functionality

A rotary gear pump is also known as a positive displacement pump. It uses the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. The design of a rotary gear pump means it can handle high temperatures and high-pressure applications. 

Rotary Gear Pump Advantages

  1. Cost-effective option - a conventional pump is more expensive, whereas a gear pump is smaller and easier to transport. In addition, it has minimal maintenance, and its simple structure means its manufacturing cost is low. Ultimately, rotary gear pumps are more economical and can save costs.
  2. Easy to use and maintain - Its compact nature means it only features minimal components and is lightweight. Making it more convenient to use and easier to repair or maintain if a problem arises.
  3. Insensitive to fluid viscosity and density - Rotary gear pumps are capable of exposure to different viscosity and densities of various fluids without impacting the operation of the component. For example, if a filter is dirty or blocked, a gear pump will still maintain a constant flow and smooth operation until it reaches the mechanical limit. This means it’s suitable for high force applications such as the petrochemical industries. 
Hand Pump Specifications:
Model No.GMN44741  
Type Lever operated hand pump, gear
Ports 1", SAE-16 O-Ring
Operating Pressure 350-900 PSI
Output 3.1 Cubic In/Revolution
Hand Crank Force 36 Ft lbs @ 450 psi
Weight 36 lbs
Material Bronze and Stainless Steel
Magnetic Permeability Less than 2.0
Motor 0.50 HP
0.75 HP
1.00 HP
1.25 HP
Output Torque 400-1000 In Lbs
700-1500 In Lbs
1000-2000 In Lbs
1000-2500 In Lbs
Weight 125-135 Lbs.
Shock Tested MIL-S-901C
Vibration Tested MIL-S-167-1
Designed to MIL-P-18111
The data and specifications in this bulletin are for information purposes only. Consult your Nu-Torque representative for specific data.


Rotary Gear Pump Applications

A rotary gear pump is typically used for handling clean viscous fluids. The more viscous the liquid, the more efficient the displacement aspect of the working principle becomes. 

  • Bitumen and tar
  • Chocolates, fats, and oils
  • Soap and personal care products
  • Resins and polymers
  • Fuel and lubricants
  • Solvents


What is a rotary gear pump?

A rotary gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump. It features interlocking cogs or gears that move fluid by enclosing a fixed volume; it transfers the fluid mechanically using a cyclic pumping action. As a result, the smooth pulse-free flow is proportional to the gears’ rotational speed. 

How does a rotary gear pump work?

A rotary gear pump uses the actions of its rotating cogs or gears to move fluids. As the gears rotate, it develops a liquid seal and creates suction at the inlet. As a result, fluid is drawn into the pump, and then the space between the rotating gears expels the fluid via the discharge port. 

What are the different types of gear pumps?

  • External Gear Pump.
  • Internal Gear Pump.
  • Lobe Pump.
  • Ge-rotor Pump ( Generated Rotor Pump )
  • Screw Pump.
Rotary Gear Pump Manual Hand - GPN47741
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