43308, 43325-2 - Multi Valve - Single to 10 Hydraulic Valve Control Station

Product Brand: Nu-Torque

Remote, bulkhead mount hydraulic valve control station for one to 10 valves. Rotary hand pump driven.

The VP16920 multi-configurable marine based valve control station

The Valve Control Station has multiple configurations to operate from 1 to 10 valve actuators. A single pump Control Station will operate from 1 to 5 valve actuators using a single pump configuration.

A two pump Control Station will operate from 6 to 10 valve actuators using either one or both of the pumps provided.

Each Valve Control Station is a self-contained sub-station.

Equipment included with each sub-station:

  • Stainless steel 4 gallon reservoir with liquid level sight gauge.
  • Fluid shut-off valve.
  • Two high-pressure hydraulic filters with replaceable elements.
  • Hand driven rotary pump built to MIL-P-18111A.
  • 3-way directional selector valves each with two isolation valves.
  • Adjustable system pressure relief valve.
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge.
  • Valve position indicator lights for each valve

The Valve Control Station and each valve actuator are interconnected with 2 hydraulic lines connected directly behind the 3-way selector valves.

The valve position indicators are pre-wired to terminal boxes for cable connection to each valve actuator and the ship’s DMS console.

Operation of a valve is accomplished by choosing the desired 3-way valve, opening the two isolation valves, rotating the hand pump in a clockwise direction until the pressure gauge indicates the system maximum pressure. The position indicator lamps will confirm the valve position if electrical power is present.

The data and specifications in this bulletin are for information purposes only. Consult your Nu-Torque representative for specific data.

43308, 43325-2 - Multi Valve - Single to 10 Hydraulic Valve Control Station
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