GMN44741 - Hydraulic Gear Motors

Product Brand: Nu-Torque

The GMN44741 corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, hydraulic gear motor.

Hydraulic Gear Motors

The GMN44741 corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, hydraulic gear motor

The Nu-Torque Model GMN44741 corrosion-resistant hydraulic motor is specifically designed for the marine environment. Constructed of cast nickel aluminum bronze (NAB) housings, stainless steel gears, shafts and hardware suited for areas where corrosion resistance is required. This same selection of materials also creates a motor which may be used where non-magnetic properties are required.

The motor is designed to meet all of the performance and connection requirements of MIL-P-18111A for manually operated hydraulic systems such as valve actuators and water tight doors.

The motor is constructed with metal to metal mating surfaces with o-ring seals between the motor body and the front and back castings. The shaft is sealed with a corrosion resistant mechanical shaft seal. Inlet and Outlet ports are SAE-16 (1 inch) straight thread o-ring port configuration.

The motor is bi-directional simply by applying pressure to the desired port. The motor may be used in any position as hydraulic fluid provides full lubrication.

Actuator Specifications
Model No. GMN44741
Type Motor, Hydraulic Gear
Ports 1", SAE-16 O-Ring
Operating Pressure 350-750 PSI
Maximum Pressure 900 PSI
Test Pressure 1000 PSI
Output Flow 5.5 Cubic Inches/Revolution
Output Torque 30 Ft Lbs @ 350 PSI
Weight 35 Lbs
Material Bronze/Stainless Steel
Magnetic Permeability Less than 2.0
The data and specifications in this bulletin are for information purposes only. Consult your Nu-Torque representative for specific data.
GMN44741 - Hydraulic Gear Motors
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