MSM – Multi-Turn Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Product Brand: Nu-Torque

Small marine actuator for Open-Close multi-turn applications. Nutating motor drive, 50-300 in. lbs.

Designed to MIL-Spec DOD-V-24657 (SH) and the marine environment, for use on multi-turn valves

  • Position limit switches, individually adjustable
  • OPEN and CLOSE torque limit switches
  • Differential drive, low effort side mounted handwheel
  • Large dial type mechanical position indicator
  • Integral mechanical reversing controller with valve logic and optional pushbuttons and lamps
  • Thermal sensors and monitor module
  • Submersible construction standard. Submersible explosion proof, optional
  • PROFIBUS, ModBus® and Serial communications

The Nu-Torque MSM Series actuators have been designed to meet the requirements of Mil-Spec DOD-V-24657 (SH) and the marine environment. Cast silicon bronze housings, bronze, steel and stainless steel gears, shaft and hardware resist the marine corrosion. Silicon bronze housings are the ideal choice for applications requiring low magnetic signature. MSM14100Motors are built to MIL-M-17059 or MIL-M-17060 to provide extended life under the worst of shipboard conditions. The gearing is totally enclosed and permanently lubricated.

This Multi-Turn Electric Actuator is compact and durable, reducing the stress on smaller valves where Navy High Shock and Vibration qualifications are required.

Individual compartments for each of the vital sections of the actuator reduce the possibility of damage to the entire actuator due to exposure of one compartment. Limit switch adjustment is accessed by removal of an outer cover, the limit switches remain protected from the environment by an inner barrier. Similarly, the electrical terminations are accessed by removal of an outer cover, integral controls remain protected behind an inner barrier.

MSM series actuators can be supplied for multi-turn and linear applications.

Actuator Specifications:
Model No. MSM
Housing Cast Ductile Iron or Silicon Bronze
Hardware Corrosion Resistant
Handwheel 10" or 12" Direct Drive or 8" side mounted
Worm 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Gear Cast and machined manganese bronze
Bearing Caged Ball
Switches 250 VAC, 10 AMP
Motor 1.00 HP
1.25 HP
Output Torque 300-1500 In Lbs
Weight 125-135 Lbs.
The data and specifications in this bulletin are for information purposes only. Consult your Nu-Torque representative for specific data.
MSM – Multi-Turn Multi-Turn Electric Actuator
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