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3800L ASME Section VIII Certification

Farris Engineering has received ASME Code Section VIII certification for the 3800L Series pilot operated pressure relief valves with modulating pilot controls (PCM) for use in air, gas and vapor service. Previously, the 3800L was only certified for liquid service. 

Farris' 3800L series PORV with PCM control can be ASME code stamped for both compressible and non-compressible service.  The availability of a pilot operated relief valve certified for both types of service is an attractive option in applications that can experience two-phase flow.  Operators typically have to choose between using a liquid or vapor certified pressure relief valve which will typically perform properly under one type of service fluid.  The 3800L with PCM control offers plant operators greater assurance that the relief valve will operated as intended during an overpressure situation in both compressible and non-compressible services.

To learn more about Farris' 3800L with PCM control, visit the 3800 Series PORV product page.

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