The wishes of our clients for quality and timely provision of their orders (customer satisfaction) are defined highest requirement of our economic acting. Thus, we observe relevant regulations, laws, ordinances, rules and the generally accepted engineering standards and customer requirements in our daily work.


An active participation in standards organizations and defining national and international rules are a contribution of our valve group to a safety of facilities and environmental protection.

Phönix considers itself as a specialist in manufacturing bellows sealed globe valves for a safe handling of dangerous, highly toxic, flammable and expensive media. The solution of a stem sealing system with bellows to the ambient is visible throughout the nearly entire program and Phönix can be defined as the market leader referring to various solutions of construction and the application range concerning operational parameters.



Year of foundation of PHÖNIX.


PHÖNIX positions itself as a supplier for critical media (e.g. chlorine) in chemistry and nuclear power plants.


Headed by new shareholders PHÖNIX was restructured.

Main site of production is Volkmarsen.

Optimization and restructuring of the complete range of products.

Restructuring of production - emphasis: modern CNC machining centers.

1998 Year of foundation of POB GmbH in Magdeburg / Barleben.


Favorable financing and subsidies in East Germany allow investments into modern CNC machining centers.


Integrating STRACK products into the production of Phönix in Volkmarsen and POB in Barleben.


Acquisition of STRACK GmbH.

2001 - 2010

Realization of several big projects (chemical plants, fertilizer plants, conventional and nuclear power stations) with an object volume up to 10,0 Mio EUR resulting from the wide product range of PHÖNIX and STRACK requiring a continuously increase of the turnover of the whole group. Technology and quality of our products are required world-wide.


Strategic investor AXA Private Equity becomes main shareholder to support the growth of the group.

August 2011

Acquisition of Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH by Phönix/Strack group supported by AXA Private Equity. Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH is a medium-sized company located in Isernhagen near Hanover focused on development and production of control valves for the domain of energy supply and many process technology branches.


Acquisition of the Phönix valve group by Curtiss-Wright.

Phönix Armaturen-Werke Bregel GmbH

Managing Directors:
Peter Varwijk and Andrew D'Auria Masullo

Register entry:
Registration in the commercial register
Registered Office: Volkmarsen
Register court: Korbach HRB 1731

VAT No: DE 273520841