MS4Q, MS6Q - Military-Spec Nutating Motor

Product Brand: Nu-Torque

Small marine actuator for Open-Close, modulating and SMART applications. Nutating motor drive, 500-7500 in. lbs.

Providing extended life under the worst shipboard conditions

  • Position limit switches, individually adjustable
  • OPEN and CLOSE torque limit switches
  • Differential drive, low effort side mounted handwheel
  • Mechanical position indicator located near the handwheel and on top
  • Mechanical stops for quarter-turn applications, adjustable from 85 to 95 degrees
  • Integral mechanical reversing controller with valve logic available
  • Thermal sensors and monitor module available

The Nu-Torque MS6 Series actuators have been designed to meet the requirements of the MIL-Spec DOD-V¬24657 (SH) and the marine environment. Cast silicon bronze housings, bronze and steel gears, shafts and hardware resist the marine corrosion and are also the ideal choice for applications requiring low magnetic components. MS6 SeriesNutating motors are used to provide extended life under the worst shipboard conditions

The MS Series actuators are compact and durable reducing the stress on smaller valves where the Navy High Shock and Vibration qualification is required. The MS6 Series actuator can be supplied for Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn applications.


  • Local controls (pushbuttons and lights — local/remote switch)
  • Smart actuators—PROFIBUS,
  • LONWORKS®, ModBus® and DeviceNet™
  • Right angle gearbox for limited overhead locations
MS4Q, MS6Q - Military-Spec Nutating Motor
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