Sprague Products

Sprague Products, a business unit of Curtiss-Wright, is a leading supplier of pumps, boosters and power units to the oil and gas, process chemical, utility, aviation and industrial markets.  Sprague Products was founded in 1946 by Bob Sprague to serve the aerospace industry with ground support equipment used for hydrostatic testing.  The first air-operated pump was developed in 1947 and, other than minor modifications, is the same classic design today.

Sprague Products are used in a broad array of industrial markets.  We provide design expertise, specialized manufacturing and quality standards to meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer base for a wide variety of applications.

Sprague is a part of the Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division, we provide highly-engineered, critical-function components, subsystems and services to customers around the globe.  A contributing factor to Curtiss-Wright's success is our ability to adapt its core competencies and technologies for new applications.

Sprague Products

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Sprague Engineering was acquired by Teledyne in 1966, and became Teledyne Sprague.  In 1992, the pumps and accumulators were moved to Brookpark, Ohio, where they became part of the Teledyne Republic.  In 1995, the commercial valves, accumulator and diaphragm pump lines were sold, and the remaining products, vehicle controls and air-operated pumps and boosters, moved to Brecksville, Ohio under the Teledyne Fluid Systems banner.  In 1999, the company was acquired by Curtiss-Wright.


Sprague headquarters are located in Brecksville, Ohio, USA, and support manufacturing, engineering, R&D and testing. Sprague Products provides the global marketplace with sales and operations support through our facilities in Brecksville, Ohio; Corby, United Kingdom; Bejing, China; and through an extensive distributor network.